Frequent questions


How are the shoes made?
DON GIOVANNI ITALIAN SHOES footwear is constructed using a traditional handcrafted way, guaranteeing the wearer a natural, long-lasting and confortable shoe with an excellent fit and good design.
This is why all DIS shoes are made using Blake construction technique and natural materials such as hides and treated leather.

Where are the shoes made?
DON GIOVANNI ITALIAN SHOES shoes are made in Veneto and specifically in the city of love, Verona, the heartland of men's luxury footwear, by the skilled hands of artisans who have produced footwear for generations.
All stages of production are carried out by the same company, giving us full control over each step and guaranteeing an excellent quality "Made in Italy" product.

How should I care for my shoes?
DON GIOVANNI ITALIAN SHOES recommends not storing wet or dirty shoes to prevent mold and unpleasant odors.

What materials are used?
All leathers used for DIS footwear collection have been carefully selected from Italian suppliers and must comply with rigorous quality standards.


What sizes are available?
Sizes go from 39 to 46.
DON GIOVANNI ITALIAN SHOES shoes are made using Paris point system, the most widely used measurement system in the world. A Parish point is equal to 2/3 cm, or 6,667mm.

How do I find the right size?
We advise you to use the conversion table, so you can confidently choose the size that best fits your foot.

The shoes don't fit me properly
We are very sorry that your shoes do not fit you well and we will be happy to help you solve the problem.
If they fit too loosely or come off, we suggest that you try resolving the problem by inserting an insole; this simple trick often helps you to regain as much as a half size.
If they are too narrow, take them to a reliable shoemaker, who can widen them with the use of a special last. Also in this case it is possible to recover up to a half size.