High quality italian men’s shoes

Don Giovanni Italian Shoes, high quality italian mens shoes

For three generations, we have been producing high quality italian men's shoes in our laboratory in the province of Verona, using artisanal methods at every stage of production. To make our products impeccable, we take 15 to 20 days to offer our customers an excellent Italian product. Nothing in our shoes is left to chance: every detail is carefully studied and all our shoes are made of genuine Italian leather carefully chosen, to get the maximum both in terms of elegance and comfort.

Our production ranges from timeless classics to modern and whimsical reinterpretations, and the most casual yet elegant and refined sneakers. On our site you can buy now lace-up shoes , moccasins and sneakers , visit the appropriate section to see the models available. Some of them are further customizable with the embroidery of their initials.

We are also able to make shoes for you that you want, totally customized and tailored. Contact us for information!